Middle Creek Christian Retreat Center

for a re-awakening in God's Creation


Fairfield, Pennsylvania, near Gettysburg

Middle Creek Christian Retreat introduces a new Stewardship Education program for middle and high school students beginning in January 2014.  The curriculum is centered on principles of Biblical stewardship, designed to teach basic ecological ideas through a curriculum based on the following:

  • Standard sampling techniques for aquatic organisms (invertebrates, amphibians, and fish)
  • Basic water chemistry (using Hach kits)
  • Vegetation surveys (using standard forest protocols for species composition and volume estimate per unit area)
  • Herbaceous vegetation (using permanent fixed plots and plot-less survey techniques). 

Participants will make use of standard wildlife survey techniques (including cameras) for monitoring deer populations as well as other mammals. This curriculum also employs active restoration of the landscape at Middle Creek to demonstrate our role in caring for God’s earth.

Aquatic Resources

Retention Pond- excellent for frogs, emergent vegetation, painted turtles, potential for garter snakes; excellent for invertebrates, crayfish, potential small fish, adjacent wetlands.

Forest Resources

Oak-Hickory forest with white oak, red oak, pin oak, black walnut, Maryland oak, hickory species, muscle wood, hawthorn, witch hazel, and a variety of other shrubs.

Other Ecological Resources

  • Trail system connecting these resources with access along stream. 
  • Ephemeral pools - excellent potential for construction of ephemeral pools for salamanders via creation of shallow basins with clay liners along hiking trail.
  • Sheet metal roof sheets from old coop at farmstead to serve as reptile habitat placed throughout forests. Also strategically located brush piles along trails for reptile and rodent habitat.  Mulch piles and sand areas along edges of forest for nesting habitats for reptiles.
  • Deer exclusion areas (fenced) for comparison with un-enclosed areas to measure how deer affect existing forests and future restored forest plots.

Contact Kathy Coley at 301-770-5338 or kccoley@aol.com to discuss prices for packages led by your own staff or our staff.  Package includes two nights’ lodging at the Manor or Laney Lodge and six meals.